5 Tips on How to Clean Windows

As we all check things off our spring cleaning checklists, cleaning our windows can be a tricky task to do exactly right. Stubborn grime and pesky streaky windows can be an easily avoided headache with a few simple tips. Viridis Cleaning Services is here to offer 5 tips to make your windows shine.

  1. Pretreat Windows
  2. Don’t Be Stingy When Applying Cleaner
  3. Choose the Right Wipe
  4. Wipe in Different Directions
  5. Clean Before Things Heat Up

These 5 tips will make your windows sparkle like brand new. Clean windows help improve your home’s energy efficiency, prevent damage and can even improve indoor air quality. Be sure to keep reading to learn more about how to make window cleaning quick and easy.

Best Window Cleaning Solutions

Before we move on to our tips for the window cleaning process, let’s review the potential best window cleaning solutions you can use. There are a variety of solutions that work well besides the store-bought commercial brands used in many homes. Homemade cleaning solutions are a great way to save some money and reduce the amount of caustic chemicals used in your cleaning.

“Homemade window cleaner has many advantages over commercial glass cleaning products. First, it’s fairly inexpensive to make. A bottle of homemade window and glass cleaner typically costs around $1.50, which is about a third of the cost of most store-bought window cleaning sprays.” Better Homes & Gardens

White Vinegar– The acidity of vinegar makes it a great cleaner for those looking for a more natural option. Cleaning your windows with vinegar provides a streak-free finish without the price tag and numerous chemicals. Simply mix a half cup of white vinegar to 2 cups of water in a spray and shake before applying.

Dish Soap– Every home has a bottle of dish soap handy in their kitchen. Did you know you could also use it as a DIY window cleaner? Mix your available dish soap with warm water and watch the magic happen. Dish soap is especially useful in cleaning exterior windows.

Test out these different options to see which you prefer best in your home.

How to Clean Your Windows and Make Them Shine

1. Pretreat Windows

Before you even begin to clean the window, there are a few steps you take to prep the area for cleaning. Taking these steps will help you in the long run to prevent smudges or extra effort that could have been avoided. Start off your project by using a dry brush, cloth or vacuum to remove as much dirt as possible before applying your chosen cleaner. Dirt left on dirty windows after cleaner is applied can streak and smear creating a larger headache. This is especially important when cleaning the exterior windows as they are most prone to dust and dirt buildup.

2. Don’t Be Stingy When Applying Cleaner

Sometimes less is more, but this is not the case when cleaning windows. Apply what you think is needed then give it an extra spray. Glass surfaces are not porous so there is no need to concern yourself with oversaturation. Just be sure to have enough wipes handy to remove any excess glass cleaner. By applying more than enough window cleaning solution, you can save time from having to repeatedly spray and wipe to remove the filth.

3. Choose the Right Wipe

Wiping your glass windows can be the most challenging part of window cleaning. Unsightly streaks are a considerable issue that can be prevented by using the right wipes. When cleaning windows there are 3 main wipes we recommend using:

  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper

Microfiber cloths are great for a streak-free finish as their soft material evenly wipes areas. These soft clothes offer a variety of extra benefits. The main difference between paper towels and newspapers is their ability to be reused. Simply clean windows using your microfiber cloths then wash them for use in your next cleaning project. Any reusable item is especially important for those looking into green cleaning.

Paper towels are a viable option for cleaning windows that come with their own pros and cons. Paper towels are a readily available absorbent cloth in most homes, but can be rather costly if you need to use them regularly. Another issue with paper towels is the differences that exist from brand to brand. When choosing paper towels make sure to buy a hefty brand that can stand up to absorbing all the extra cleaning solution used in window cleaning.

Newspaper is a very traditional wipe used in cleaning windows. This old-time wipe for cleaning is still just as effective today. Newspaper is a great material for cleaning windows. The paper used in printing is great for absorbing moisture while not worrying about the ink staining the glass surface. If you have extra newspapers laying around, consider repurposing them in your next window cleaning project.

Any of these wipes is highly recommended for sparkling streak-free window cleaning.

4. Wipe in Different Directions

Here is a professional tip for those at-home cleaners. Wipe each side of your window panes in different directions when cleaning. By wiping one side of your window horizontally and the other vertically, you will be able to determine which side of the window has any streaking after cleaning. This can save you a ton of time when tracking down those pesky marks on your beautiful windows. Without knowing which side needs to be cleaned again, you can create an endless cycle of chasing the perfect window clean!

5. Clean Before Things Heat Up

A rarely considered factor in window cleaning is the time in which you begin your project. For best results, consider cleaning windows early in the morning during the spring and fall months. Temperature can make achieving the perfect window clean harder to obtain than you might think. The higher the temperature the faster your cleaning agent and excess water dries on your windows creating water spots of non-absorbed cleaner you simply did not have the time to remove.

Viridis 7-Step Window Cleaning Process

Now that you are aware of the 5 tips to make your windows shine, let’s go over the ideal process you should go through for sparkling results.

  1. Pretreat Your Windows with a Dry Brush or Vaccum to Remove Excess Dust and Dirt
  2. Remove and Clean Window Screens and Curtains
  3. Liberally Apply Your Chosen Window Cleaning Product
  4. Wipe the Entire Surface of Your Window From Top to Bottom Horizontally or Vertically, Differently on Each Side
  5. Clean the Window Frame and Remove any Spilled Cleaner
  6. Inspect the Window for Stubborn Grime or Surface Streaks Repeating Steps 3 and 4 if Needed
  7. Reinsert Window Screens and Rehang Curtains

Follow this simple process while keeping in mind our tips on how to clean windows and make them shine.

Viridis Cleaning Services is happy to provide our customers with clean and fresh homes throughout the year. If you are curious about the freshness a deeper clean provides, or you need a team of cleaning professionals that can meet your standard of cleaning, then we would love to hear from you! See our lineup of cleaning services or contact us today so that you can discover these unexpected benefits for yourself.