indoor spring cleaning checklist
Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is just around the corner. As we all thaw out from the long winter, cleaning our homes is a common chore for most households. Including semi-annual tasks will make sure your home is prepared and ready for the upcoming spring season. This is the perfect time to warm up the atmosphere and spring into the season in style.

Viridis Cleaning has created our own 10-step indoor spring cleaning checklist with tasks you should perform regularly. Major season changes mark a perfect time every year to do these semi-annual tasks along with your regular cleaning routine. Things to consider including in your spring cleaning projects are:

  1. Cleaning Bedding and Rotate Mattress
  2. Test Smoke Detectors
  3. Clean Dryer Vent/Hose
  4. Clean Out Fridge/Freezer, Pantry, and Medicine Cabinet
  5. Wash and Sanitize Trash Cans
  6. Sweep/Mop Behind and Under Appliances
  7. Shampoo Carpets and Furniture
  8. Wash Walls and Baseboards
  9. Reverse Ceiling Fans
  10. Replace Air Filters

Cleaning Bedding and Rotate Mattress

Washing your bedding is commonly done as a weekly chore, but not all bedding pieces receive the same treatment. Pillows, comforters/decorative items and pillowcases are examples of these bedding items we tend to skip over. Taking the extra time to show all items in your bedding thoroughly cleaned will prevent damage or breakdown from extended use.

Swapping out your sheets for thinner and cooler options is also recommended for spring cleaning. As the weather warms up, using the same sheets designed to keep you warm can cause discomfort in warmer weather. Store any and all winter bed linens in a clean for use later and break out those cooler sheets for the summer months to come.

Rotating your mattress is crucial to its longevity. For best results, you should rotate your mattress at least twice a year to prevent damage from prolonged usage. Adding this to your spring cleaning can save you the hassle and expense of buying a replacement sooner than necessary.

Test Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the silent sentry of our homes that can save your family’s life during unfortunate events. Every year people are saved thanks to the alerts of these often forgotten items. Taking a couple of minutes during your spring cleaning to test or replace the batteries in smoke detectors could end up saving the life of you or your family. If you have any other devices such as carbon monoxide detectors, consider checking them during the step as well.

Clean Dryer Vent/Hose

While we are on the topic of preventing fire within our homes, it is important to add cleaning out those dryer vents and hoses during spring cleaning. Lint buildup from our clothes dryer is one of the most common starters of housefires that can easily be prevented. Disconnect your dryer hose and scrape out all the lint buildup to keep your home safe.

Clean Out Fridge/Freezer, Pantry and Medicine Cabinet

Spring cleaning is a great time to start fresh. Throw out all the old and in with the new. This includes our refrigerators, pantries and medicine cabinets. Don’t let those expired foods or other unwanted items take up precious space any longer. Tossing out expired foods or medicines could protect you from accidental ingestion causing health issues or at least a bad taste.

Wash and Sanitize Trash Cans

After cleaning out those pantries and your refrigerator, take time to deep clean your waste bins. Washing and sanitizing trash cans can keep your home smelling fresh and clean. These items bare the brunt of all the food waste and other items we throw away every day. Giving our trash bins some TLC can keep them fresh for longer and avoid any household odours.

Sweep/Mop Behind and Under Appliances

Much like our cleaning our bedding, taking the time to clean areas often overlooked in weekly cleaning is perfect for our spring cleaning checklist. When cleaning our floors and countertops, take a couple of extra minutes to reach those hard-to-access areas like under appliances. Regularly cleaning these areas will prevent any buildup of dust, pet dander or grime making them easier to clean. With enough allergens outdoors, let’s prevent dust from affecting us as much as possible.

Shampoo Carpets and Furniture

Shampooing carpets and furniture during spring cleaning will prevent allergens and discolouration. Carpets are notoriously picking up anything we bring in with our shoes. While taking the time to vacuum floors will remove most of the debris, shampooing them will remove those stubborn stains or allergens that refuse to come out from regular cleaning methods. Consider this step at least twice a year for best results.

Wash Walls and Baseboards

Washing walls is not a common regular cleaning task for most families. However, they do pick up on debris and dust just like all the other areas of your home. Wipe walls down with a soft cloth to prevent damage to the paint. Like the rest of our spring cleaning checklist, taking the extra time to clean areas that do not require regular weekly cleaning will keep your home fresh and safe.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Did you know the direction your ceiling fans are blowing can have a major impact on the air circulation within your home? Most ceiling fans have optional speeds and directions of rotation. For best results, during warmer months it is best for your fan to be lifting air. Check to see that your fan is pulling the cold air upwards to best circulate your home air conditioning can lower utility costs and keep you cooler.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters can have a direct effect on your air conditioning system and indoor air quality. Making sure you have clean air filters will increase the amount of air circulating in your home while reducing the airborne particles within it. Replace your air filters every 3-6 months or at the change of each season for the best results in your indoor air quality.

Viridis Cleaning is happy to provide our customers with clean and fresh homes throughout the year. If you are curious about the freshness a deeper clean provides, or you need a team of cleaning professionals that can meet your standard of cleaning, then we would love to hear from you! See our lineup of cleaning services or contact us today so that you can discover these unexpected benefits for yourself.