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How to Remove Chocolate Stains

Despite our love for all things chocolate, from baking delectable brownies to indulging in our preferred candy bars, there is one thing that even die-hard chocolate fans despise: chocolate stains. Whether you have a newly-formed stain or one that has been neglected, we will provide you with tips on how to permanently eliminate chocolate stains.

How to remove chocolate stains from upholstery and clothes

If you’ve ever gotten chocolate on your couch, carpet, clothing, etc., you know how tough it can be to get rid of chocolate stains. And yes, sometimes we make them worse when we try to get rid of them. So why are chocolate stains so stubborn?

“Cocoa powder is an issue because it contains dark-colored tannins, while coca butter gives the resulting stains its oily texture.” source: Tide

Ever wonder why chocolate has a brown hue? Well, the brown hue of cocoa powder, a key ingredient in chocolate, is due to the presence of dark tannins. Additionally, the inclusion of cocoa butter and various oils provides a silky consistency to chocolate. These tannins and oils collectively form a potent combination that has a high potential to leave stains.

To get rid of a chocolate stain, you will need to use a product that fights grease and a solution that deals with discoloration. No matter if it’s a recent chocolate mark on your much-loved shirt or an embedded one on your sofa, we have the solution for you. Remember that our advice for removing chocolate stains from clothes is only suitable for washable fabrics. For any clothing pieces that must be dry cleaned, it can be challenging to remove chocolate stains. It’s best to avoid attempting to remove the stain by yourself and seek help from a dry cleaner.

How To Get Chocolate Out of a Couch

We’ve all been there, especially if you’re a chocolate lover! You’ve likely indulged while watching TV on your couch. When you find a chocolate stain on upholstery, take care of the stain right away. Remember do not rub the chocolate into the fabric! Here are steps to remove chocolate stains from a couch and other fabric furniture:

Remove any excess chocolate

Use the dull side of a butter knife to remove the chocolate mark, starting at the outer edge and working your way toward the center to avoid spreading the stain. Keep scrapping until you have eliminated as much chocolate as you can.

Freeze the chocolate stain

Similar to gum, ice can solidify the area that has been stained, simplifying the removal process. A slice of ice or an ice pack can be utilized to freeze the affected region. Ensure that the upholstery does not become excessively damp from the thawing ice. Once the chocolate has solidified, cautiously untangle it with a delicate brush and utilize a butter knife to eliminate as much as feasible.

Clean the stain with a cleaner

If you do not have an upholstery cleaner, there are some DIY options. For fabric upholstery, use ¼ cup of vinegar + ¾ cup of warm water. For synthetic upholstery, use ¾ cup of warm water + 1 tablespoon of gentle dish soap, like Dawn. Put a few drops of the cleaner on a damp sponge and massage it into the stain. Blot the stain from the outside in to lift away as much of the stain as possible. Rinse the sponge out and wipe down the stained area to remove the soap residue.

Dry the chocolate stain

Once the corn starch has dried, simply vacuum it up. Dry the area using a white microfiber cloth by gently patting it and avoiding rubbing the fabric. When the upholstery is slightly moist, sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch onto the damp spot. Allow the cornstarch to dry and then vacuum it up.

 Tip – Cornstarch works to remove more than just chocolate stains. It works to remove grease stains by absorbing the grease and lifting it out of the fabric.

How to Get Chocolate Out of Clothes

Similar to other types of stains, it is advisable to take prompt action when dealing with chocolate stains. These simple steps will help you take care of most that haven’t set yet – so if you spot the stain early, you’re ahead of the game! Listed below are the steps for getting rid of chocolate stains from clothing:

Get rid of the extra chocolate

Just as you would with fabric, begin by removing any extra chocolate. This will decrease the likelihood of the stain spreading and becoming worse – and you’ll be left with less chocolate residue to clean up initially. Use a butter knife to scrape off the surplus chocolate, being careful to use the dull side of the blade. Take your time to avoid harming the material. And if you really need to, go ahead and eat that extra chocolate!

Give the chocolate stain a cold bath

Head to the kitchen sink and run cold water onto the chocolate stain for 30 seconds. Next, flip the fabric over and run cold water onto the other side for the same amount of time. Treating both sides of the fabric helps dislodge the chocolate and rinses out easier through the fibers. You may think that hot water is better than cold, but it’s half right. Hot water would be better for loosening the oils, however, the tradeoff isn’t worth it, as hot water could set the stain even more. The purpose of this guide is to get as much of the stain out as possible – then, we’ll focus on the oily part.

Treat the stain with regular liquid laundry detergent

When you apply undiluted liquid laundry detergent directly onto a stain, it serves as a powerful pre-treatment and remover for various types of dirt, oil, and grease. For this kind of stain, apply the detergent onto both sides of the fabric and leave it for five minutes. Then, after not rinsing, submerge the clothing in cold water and allow it to soak for fifteen minutes. About every five minutes, give the stained area a scrubbing using your thumb and fingers on opposite sides of the fabric to loosen more of the oils and tannins.

Try another stain remover

In case there are still traces of oily or brown stains, simply apply a small amount of baking soda to the affected area. Baking soda is a gentle but effective cleaner and odor neutralizer that can be used on virtually all types of fabric with no harm. Dampen the stain with cold water and rub in some baking soda with your fingers on both sides of the fabric. Keep at it until the stain is out. Finish up by washing the clothing as usual.

Once the clothing is done in the washer, don’t throw it in the dryer. Because heat can cause a stain to set permanently, it’s better to let the stained item dry on a rack or clothesline. That way, you can treat it again if you can still see the stain.

How to Remove Set-in Chocolate Stains From Clothes

Learning how to remove chocolate stains that have been sitting for a while isn’t too hard. It’s not surprising that the older the chocolate stains, the more of a challenge they can be than fresh ones. That’s because chocolate, like most stains, will get worse over time – especially if they’ve gone through the dryer. Start by gently scraping away any excess chocolate, then grab your liquid detergent. Rub the detergent into the stain from both sides of the fabric. Next, soak the clothing in cold water for an hour. Clean the clothing according to the instructions and avoid using the dryer.

Remember the first rule of how to get chocolate stains out – applying heat from your dryer can cause numerous stains to become permanent, which in turn makes them extremely difficult to eliminate. Rather than using a tumble dryer, it is preferable to air-dry the clothing, ideally under the warmth of the sun. By doing so, you can prevent the oils or tannins from the chocolate stain from setting with heat, enabling you to make another attempt at removing the stain without any consequences. Remember, that sunshine has a natural bleaching agent, you may notice this with hardwood flooring, and could help the stain fade away.

If you can still see some of the stains after the clothing dries, it may be time to up your game. Distilled white vinegar serves as a safe and natural cleaner, disinfectant, and stain remover. Immerse the stained garment in a sink filled with cold water and a cup of white vinegar for half an hour. Brush the affected area gently using a soft-bristled brush. After the stain is gone, wash the clothes and air-dry them.

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